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Currently, experts are able to implement 40 investments at the same time. Taking care of the safety of the entruste funds, they insure each property, and their renovation and construction teams have a valid accident insurance policy. The selection of carefully selecte solutions allows them to achieve the intende goal. Are you striving to build the image of an expert? At Commplace, we know how to create it. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Community Challenges Our activity will be comprehensive customer service, including strategies for image building, communication, and lead generation.

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One of the tasks will also be to design a new branding and implement a refreshe website, which will be base on the latest technologies, SEO audit and good UX practices. In addition, as part of building the image, we will also take care of the image phone number list of individual experts of the Horyzont Inwestycji brand. We will plan and conduct a professional photo session and advise on building relationships with potential recipients – including relationships in social meia. Scope of cooperation We operate comprehensively, because we know that every detail matters.

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We have appointe a deicate team of internal experts to work with the client – image building department, SEO department, copywriting, meia relations and photographers responsible for the execution of the session. As a result, together with Horyzont JPB Directory Inwestycji, we have create a detaile scope of our cooperation. The tasks include: Verification of the company’s current activities (audit and analysis) This is the basic step that will allow us to determine from which level we “start”. Our experts look at the activities carrie out by the brand so far – both in the area of: communication strategy, marketing strategy, positioning and branding. Audit of competition activities This is an important step, thanks to which we can determine the position of our client’s brand in comparison to competing brands.

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