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A new trend for getting leads from social networks is Live broadcasts . Recently, video content has become so popular that it has essentially become a new generation of “television”. But the special love of the audience deservd live broadcasts. Live broadcast allows you to be closer to your idol, communicate in real time. In addition, against the backdrop of too flawless photo content, Instagram Live broadcasts are perceivd as more alive, real. 2. Website or landing page In order to get traffic to the site and convert it into leads, there are two main tools: contextual advertising and website promotion in search engines.

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Contextual advertising has two types. Advertising in the search network is ads in Yandex or Google search engines that are shown in Cable and Pay Tv Services Email List the first positions in response to the user’s desird query. This is by far the most effective way to generate leads to a website or landing page in many areas, as ads are only shown to people who already have an intention to buy the product. For this reason, it is also the most expensive type of advertising on the Internet. An important advantage of contextual advertising is the ability to get leads in the shortest possible time, high controllability and prdictability of effectiveness.

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The second type of contextual advertising is banner advertising, that is. The display of ads (banners) on websites, applications and JPB Directory You Tube videos. For obvious reasons, you should not count on a direct increase in sales. Users who spend time on entertainment sites are unlikely to click on an ad to purchase a product right now. Nevertheless, this is a fairly effective and inexpensive way to tell a wide audience about the product and remind those users who have already visitd the site about yourself.

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