Good Cs Is One Indication Of Good Seller Performance

Apart from the impact customer service has on your sales, both Lazada and Shopee also monitor your response rate to customer inquiries. The response rate of your chat will have a significant effect on the performance and standing of your online store if you do not reply quickly.

Lazada has two metrics in how they review your response rate. The first is:

Chat Same Day Response Rate
This pertains to new conversations you replied to up to 7:7 on the same day. The overall percentage of same-day chat response rate depends on your response in the last XNUMX days (including weekends but excluding holidays and public notices).

The second metric is chat response time

Chat Response Time
This refers to your average Latest Mailing Database response time over the past 7 days based on the chats you have replied to in the same day cycle (including weekends but excluding holidays and general notices and messages after 7pm).

You should achieve at least 85% for same-day chat response rate to maintain a good seller rating. As for chat response times, you should be able to reply within 30 minutes max.

Otherwise, if the chat response time and same-day chat response rate do not meet market quality standards, then your eligibility for Seller Picks will decrease (as well as lower your visibility and traffic).

Seller Picks is an additional advertising and visibility feature available only to eligible sellers. Hence, giving you an edge in the Lazada marketplace. To find out more about how Seller Picks works, see: Lazada Seller Hub: A Beginner’s Guide .

Meanwhile, at Shopee, having a minimum chat response rate of 75% is one of the prerequisites to become a Shopee Preferred Seller.

The calculation is based on the average chat response and offers received in the last 90 days. Note the following:

Only responses made within the first 12 hours

Latest Mailing Database

after receiving a customer chat will be counted in the calculation
Shopee places more emphasis on the latest 25% chat
The chat response rate is only counted if you have received at least two chat threads in the last 90 days
Chats during Vacation Mode will not be part of the calculation
Automatic replies don’t count as a response
Shopee Preferred Seller is a title given to sellers who are able to maintain high store ratings and good customer service JPB Directory with minimal order cancellations. It marks you with credibility and trust in the eyes of potential buyers. See 6 Tips on How to Become a Shopee Seller to learn more.

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