How To Equip Your Store With Lazada Im Chat What To Know

The current e-commerce landscape has never been more competitive. Standalone businesses and platform-based operations must also constantly look for ways to stand out from an oversaturated market and attract the short-term attention of their audiences. If you are in the same boat, you should take advantage of all the tools available to make your business expensive, especially live chat.

Since ecommerce businesses essentially live online, there is always a disconnect between you and your customers. You need to close as many of these gaps as you can to build rapport with your consumer base, as well as increase conversion rates. 

By leveraging Lazada IM chat, you can provide immediate response and feedback to any questions and concerns your customers may have. Doing so increases their confidence in your brand, resulting in better overall customer satisfaction. 

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Introducing Lazada IM Chat

Thanks to the acquisition of Lazada by Alibaba, the platform has undergone many changes and improvements. Perhaps Latest Mailing Database the best thing to integrate on this site is the new seller tool, which includes Lazada IM Chat. This special feature allows sellers to communicate with their buyers in real-time after they have placed an order.

Previously, sellers only relied on the Main Account Manager (KAM) to serve customers. Even then, expert customer support was provided only for major or branded sellers. Thanks to the introduction of Lazada IM Chat, even small sellers have the opportunity to increase their conversions with the ability to communicate in real-time and compete with larger stores. 

What is Lazada IM Chat?

Latest Mailing Database

Similar to typical messaging tools that you JPB Directory use every day, such as Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or KakaoTalk, Lazada IM Chat empowers sellers to improve their communication with buyers. It is a platform that you can use to interact with your customers instantly, increasing the chances of increasing your sales.

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