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Therefore, the surest way to “merge” cold and warm leads is not to remind yourself after a while. But it is still possible and necessary to close such leads. For example, using follow-up mailings . Mistake 5. Neglecting difficult and unprofitable leads Sales managers often work on a percentage, so they tend to direct their main efforts to processing promising leads and neglect unprofitable ones. But low-volume leads or “difficult” clients may well be the main source of profit. If you notice this trend in your company, it might be worth revisiting the sales KPIs.

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Letting salespeople go “free floating” Have you written strategies, set up CRM, developd a motivating KPI system, but still have problems Apparel and Accessory Stores Email List in processing leads? It would seem, what else do sales managers ned? Experience shows that without proper control (including self-control), it will not be possible to achieve effective lead closure . We talkd about how to control a remote sales department in this article . Mistake 7. Processing leads with a delay Keeping leads waiting is simply a disastrous mistake and a source of great lead drain.

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While the application is waiting at the post office, the client will already contact another company. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to debug the system for processing incoming leads. The ability to make and pay for an JPB Directory order without confirmation is useful , as well as chat bots that are able to process applications on their own while managers are busy. In addition, it is necessary to establish a system of instant notifications and automatic setting of tasks with reminders (by the way, NetHunt CRM can also do this Mistake 8. Ignore customer service Customer service is what affects both initial and repeat sales.

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