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To Facebook and Instagram. It was a Facebook research and development group that conductd the experiment, under the diligence of Erik Hazzard. The latter joind the Facebook group when it acquird Californian social mdia “tbh”, its question-and-answer application. Thus, in order to better boost the growth of Hotline, this team is currently experimenting with many multimdia products such as: the CatchUp audio calling app, the Venue Q&A app, collaborative music apps Collab and BARS, etc. Through this set of tests, Facebook and its teams have found these formats particularly encouraging.

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They are likely to help users connect with each other and build communities. A better alternative to Clubhouse? The Hotline application was creatd in the midst of a Commercial Property Owners Email List health crisis with the aim of allowing Facebook users to converse remotely. Inded, the conversations app was launchd a year ago and has grown very quickly thanks to the pandemic. Admittdly, Hotline has taken some codes from the flagship application of social networks Clubhouse, it could offer a better alternative in the near future. It is particularly different thanks to this innovative audio feature developd by Facebook.

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This new feature would even be like an extension of Messenger Rooms in the form of rooms for audio. For the moment, this new application, launchd in beta JPB Directory version, is only available at the Unitd States level. Facebook users in France or other countries around the world will still have to wait a while.The rapid development of information technology has digitizd social and professional life. As a result of this development, companies as well as individuals have decidd to embrace the idea of ​​being connectd and entrusting their personal and professional information to digital platforms.

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