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The User’s interest in a specific offer is about, and the probability that he is not interest is about. The final value of the indicator is termin by the homographic function, which takes into account the calculat probability and how many days have pass since the User’s last activity on the website. Homographic function Below is an exemplary fragment of the homographic function graph, in which The probability of the User’s interest is User engagement indicator the number of days that have pass since the last activity of the User. The graph shows that the User’s engagement rate creases with the passing of days since his last activity on the site.

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Engagement Score Engagement Score is an indicator that qualifies the User’s behavior in relation to specific tags, built on events from conduct For its calculation,information whether the campaign has been liver to the User whether the User has open a given campaign and what Chile Email List activities they have shown in it keywords tags scribing each campaign date of a specific event In addition, bas on specific tags contain in campaigns, Engagement Score termines which categories the Customer is interest in. The algorithm also calculates percentage indicators scribing the user’s total activity, such as. Additional functionalities includ in Engagement Score information about the last activity.

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User information about the countries from which the User was active the ability to prict genr where possible estimation whether a bot may be behind the User’s activity Benefits of using Lead Score increasing marketing effectiveness thanks to the segmentation of potential customers, which JPB Directory helps to tailor marketing campaigns more closely to a specific User increasing the effectiveness of sales bas on the assessment of potential customers, because we can focus on the most valuable leads the ability to conduct intelligent grouping of leads, which helps to run effective emarketing campaigns while rucing the costs of these campaigns expanding knowlge.

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