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Lead In marketing language, a sales lead is a person or company that has shown interest in a specific offer. A potential customer who has voluntarily left his contact tails on the website or cid to be contact in some other way lead. Scorecustomer engagement measurement. A new functionality velop in DBMS is Lead Scorea tool that termines how much a potential customer is involv in a given marketing campaign. Lead Score is calculat on the basis of two indicators Cookie Score and Engagemant Score. The greater its value, the greater the User’s involvement in a specific offer.

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System that, using the Bayesian theorem, termines the potential interest of the User bas on his behavior on websites. This indicator is the main element of the final Lead Score. The information that is us to calculate it inclus the pages visit by the User in a given time range. Time spent by the Chad Email List User on these pages keywords contain in the website address, specifying what the User is interest in the number of visits. The User on a specific page  of the User on the website On the basis of the above attributes. An appropriate in which the probability values ​​resulting from the User’s activity on websites.

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Have been divid in terms of specific categories to which the offer from these websites has been match. Taking into account all the necessary attributes and using strict inference in the Bayesian network. The probability of the User’s interest in a specific offer is calculat. Exact reasoning in a JPB Directory Bayesian network The formula for the probability of a variable given the values ​​of the variables Example termining. The probability of the User’s interest in a specific offer for the above Customer involvement mol and the establish probabilities of individual attributes. Taking into account the creat Bayesian network User interest User not interest Ratio calculation termination of probabilities.

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