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We can target different messages to women and men, to users of different ages or depending on their location or order history. We should constantly strive to develop our database. The previously mention discounts for joining the newsletter, benefits for agreeing. To send marketing messages will make our customers more willing to join the mailing database. Remember to be systematic Stores usually send newsletterstimes a week. Which allows you to build relationships and your recognition.

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Lets also give users time to reactwe ne to focus on sending emails at such a time interval that it is possible to monitor the results of our campaigns, possibly test and implement corrections. Remember not to overdo it with sending emails too oftenit can be counterproductive. Send campaigns in a timely manner It is impossible to determine what Phone Number List is the most optimal day for sending emails to our recipients. Each of us must check on our own example which day is the right one. Some studies show that in many cases, sending messages betweenandresults in the best Open Rate and CTR indicators. Remove inactive subscribers from your list Research shows that there are aboutof inactive subscribers in mailing databases.

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These are people who have not open any of the offers, newsletters, etc. If our email open rate is low, we can exclude inactive subscribers from sending and observe the effects. In this way, we can increase the effectiveness of our mailing campaigns JPB Directory by several percent. Test campaigns Email marketing is more effective when we implement changes bas on our test results. Thanks to testing our campaigns, we are able to determine how the title of the email affects the openness, which topics meet the best response, which days of the week and times of sending are the most appropriate and bring the desir results. By testing campaigns in terms of visuals, we can determine what form of presentation our customers like the most.

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