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A suitably catchy subject of the email we send will make us stand out from the rest of the items in the inbox. Proper use of the preheader,the text under the title in the list of messages. Can significantly affect the decision to open it. Once the recipient opens our message, we ne to make them read it to the end. Lets focus on making the message rich in good quality content. The most interesting information should be at the top of the email to encourage recipients to keep reading. Take care of the graphics Interesting content is not enough to make our campaign successfulthe message must also be visually attractive.

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The use of eyecatching graphics at the top of the message, the use of infographics instead of standard content and the use of videos have a positive effect on our email marketing and its effects. Lets remember about. Clear Call B2B Email List To Action buttons Personalize to target different audiences Personalization affects. The greater number of openings of the messages we send, as well as clicks to go to our online store. The risk of losing subscribers and seeing our messages as spam also decreases. If the recipient receives a personal, individual message from us, the chance that he will pay more attention to it will increase.

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Using the recipients name in the preheader and message content is one of the primary personalization methods that can improve your results. Segment your mailing database and develop it It is clear that we cannot reach all recipients. In the JPB Directory same way by sending them the same message. Segmentation consists in dividing the database in terms. The similarity of certain customer characteristics bas on declarative and behavioral data Database segmentation. Will allow us to senddifferent messages. To people who have not yet plac an order, and different messages to regular and loyal customers.

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