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Can create a new autoresponr by going to the settings of the select module in the Interactions tab launching an automatic response in the customer panel. The number of autoresponrs pends on your nes and, above all, on the specific strategy you adopt for a given campaign. But whether the information is true is another matter. Therefore, an important skill is to search for and properly select important information. Quantity does not equal quality. This also applies to customer information. What counts is not how many contacts we have in our databases, but how reliable and correct they are.

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So what if we have an extensive list of customer information if it turns out that half of it is out of date. For this reason, databases for both email and campaigns should be check and updat on an ongoing basis. Below are the statistics that Sales conduct on contacts from various databases during Cameroon Email List the month. What do you gain by taking care of data quality You will save money. A Harvard Business Review source says that the cost of working with incorrect data istimes higher than the cost of working with correct data. People who want to scale their marketing activities usually think that the larger the base to send.

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The greater the reach and better results. However, this is not always true, because it is often the case that the prospecting list is getting longer and the effects are not visible. The ial scenario is JPB Directory one in which campaign costs are as low as possible and generate the best sales results. However, the condition for such a situation is to have the best quality base for shipments. Tools for bulk most often bill us for each email sent. This means that the more addresses we have in the database, the more we pay.

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