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So when some of this data is outdat, email addresses give hard bounces or our messages end up in the SPAM box, in short, we throw money down the drain. We pay for contacts, from which there will be no profit anyway. In the case of duplicate data, the cost of maintaining them also increases. The same customer can get a discount co several times or receive an offer for products purchas by him again. By eliminating wrong addresses, we can be sure that the money spent works and leads to an increase in our sales. Another aspect worth paying attention to is the presence of bots in the database.

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What are clicker bots. These are programs written so that they click on a given link or perform a specific set of actions after clicking on it. Why this treatment Simply put, bots click on the ads of a competing company, and they incur its costs and lose money at the same time. An Canada Email List example is providing intentionally wrong data in the form or performing certain events on the page. As campaign senrs, we think that the advertisement goes to a human being who is interest in the offer, and this is actually a bot whose task is to click on everything. We get caught cheating and lose money.

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In which sectors are bots most common due to the type of campaign settlement cost per mileview we pay for each ad impression bypeople in the case of CPM. Bots JPB Directory display ads, inflating the number of views, and we pay for impressions, not all of whom are people. CPC cost per clickWe pay for each click on the ad. Bots will specifically click it, while making it impossible to assess its effectiveness. CPL cost per leadWe pay for leaving personal data of the interest usersubscribing to the newsletter or leaving personal data in the form. Bounces affect the senr’s reputation.

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