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Lead management In the CallPage Dashboard, you can use features such as notes, tags, filtering, and more to manage your leads. How to use this feature to increase sales In smaller companies, CallPage can act as a simple CRM system. Your sales team can add post call notes, evaluate opportunities, or tag contacts so they know which ones they should come back to. Managers can filter the list and see how sales are doing with the leads they ve acquir. Integration with contact forms Using our API, you can connect your website form to CallPage.

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This way, when your customer fills out the contact form, they will be immiately connect to your consultant or sales representative. How to use this feature to increase sales of consumers expect a response within minutes, and companies Luxembourg Email List that first respond to a customer s inquiry win of transactions. Response time has a huge impact on the sales rate. But sometimes it is not possible to reach all the contacts from the forms on the website so quickly. CallPage has a simple solution to this problem. You can connect any form on your website with CallPage. Whenever someone fills in the form, CallPage will automatically connect the potential buyer with the consultant.

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The response time is only seconds. NEW FEATURE CallPage Meetings Callpage Meetings is a new product in the CallPage package. Thanks to it, website users can not only orr an immiate conversation with consultants, but also arrange a meeting JPB Directory with members of your team in no time. CallPage Meetings is an advanc meeting schuling system that inclus lead distribution features. To learn more about how CallPage Meetings can help you generate more leads, check out our blog post Generate even more. Leads with CallPage Meetings reasons why you should start using an automatic callback system min Wioleta Szybowska.

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