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How to use this feature to increase your sales You can use this feature to group call agents by call topic or location, allowing your website visitors to select their sir contact target before requesting a call. This streamlines the process by allowing customers to quickly connect with the right person on your team. Moreover, it personalizes the experience for the visitor. Option to orr a call at your preferr time Your users can orr a call at a later date. CallPage will automatically connect the user to your telephone consultant at the time select by him. How to use this feature to increase sales If you run PPC campaigns, you may reach a potential buyer when they don t have enough time to explore your offer.

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With the schule for later option, your potential buyers can schule a phone call for a more convenient time for them. Schuling calls in CallPage is quick and hassle free, which makes it an ial alternative to standard contact forms. After hours mo CallPage can Lithuania Email List connect phone numbers from potential customers, informing them that you are not in the office and offering them a convenient time to contact them by phone. How to use this feature to increase sales More than of customers visit your website after office hours. With the after hours mo, you can collect your prospects contact information even when your team is out of the office. CallPage will connect the buyer when your team is back to work.

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Also listen to how recipients react

What s more, minutes before the call, CallPage will send an SMS notification with information about the incoming call. Personaliz SMS notification after connection CallPage can also send an automatic SMS message to your caller after the call ends. How JPB Directory to use this feature to increase your sales Your business tails will remain on your potential customer s phone, meaning they can easily find you when they ci to buy your services or product. You can also use SMS to send a special message that encourages your potential customers to act faster, for example by sending them a limit time discount offer.

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