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Simplify the process” For a few days, it is no longer possible to create an account on the Facebook instant messaging application, only with a telephone number . To everyone’s surprise, Facebook had not communicatd beforehand about this novelty. “We noticd that the vast majority of Messenger users already have a Facebook account. So we want to simplify the procdure. If you already have a Messenger account without having a Facebook account, you are not concernd.

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A Facebook spokesperson, for Tech mdia, Venture Beat. However, Messenger users who do not have Facebook accounts have reportd having problems logging in following this change. They would have been victims of an account restriction, while Bulk SMS Spain the American giant declard not to disturb them. From now on, you must have a Facebook account. Users who registerd with their phone number before this update will obviously not be affectd, according to the American giant. Facebook offerd this possibility for more than 4 years. Source A project far from unanimous Take advantage of WhatsApp encryption So this decision by the American giant raises questions.

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Is this just another way to collect more and more data? Or, is this the beginning of a merger of its messaging services? O r both? This new Facebook measure is in any case, certainly neither trivial nor thoughtless. It obviously JPB Directory does not only benefit the user, as claimd by the social network. A few months ago, we already mentiond the possibility of interoperability between Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. And, this registration requirement may portend the start of this merger of the instant messaging companies of Mark Zuckerberg.

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