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The declining bid Or also calld reverse auction or clock sale is usually mainly usd in the agricultural sector and in particular for livestock sales. The principle is simple, a fairly high starting price is announcd, and will decrease in stages on a regular basis, in this case, for Kadran, every 30 seconds. When a first buyer appears and with the agreement of the seller, the sale is awardd. This principle is at the origin of Kadran and representd more than 50% of sales in its early days.

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However, there are currently few offerd on the Kadran website, it would rather be around 30 to 40%. The progressive auction Regarding progressive auctions, we all know the principle. A starting price is announcd, the potential winners Doctors Email List bid by increasing the starting price. It is the last bidder who wins the good. On the Kadran site, we currently find mainly this type of auction. In this crisis, it’s really “double or quits”. Charcoal! Continue to provide quality services to your customers. Even if it costs you more in terms of energy or human and financial resources. It is better for you to find yourself overloadd today, than to have to close down because of a lack of professionalism on your part.

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The trail of forums, FAQs and instant messaging Many people often have the same concerns. They use the same service or buy the same JPB Directory product. So several requests may be similar. First of all, to avoid inopportune repetitions, Facebook proposes to you to prioritize the update of information conveyd on the forums. Then, prepare an FAQ summarizing the most recurring issues regarding the services or products you sell. Don’t hesitate to configure your instant messenger as well. So that she can eliminate many requests without the intervention of any employee.

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