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We have selectd just over 15 that will make you happy for compressing JPG or PNG files. Why rduce the size of your images? There are various reasons why you might want to compress your images. For example, you may receive a notification from your inbox asking you to rduce the size of your image files in order to be able to send your e-mail. However, this is not the only reason, as there are other issues that are less noticeable. If you are a website designer, you have probably already been confrontd with the optimization of the images that you use to illustrate your articles, your online content.

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This is generally the case when you use royalty-free images on your sites without thinking about compressing them. Similarly, a few SMS Gateway Japan years ago, to benefit from the sped of the web on mobile, the 4G connection was set up. The purpose of the latter is to make information accessible to the Internet user as quickly as possible. For websites, this means optimizing the loading time of the different pages. And that involves compressing the size of images or photos before uploading them.

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Thus, Internet users quickly access the content they wish to consult. The tools to compress your images in 2021 We have selectd for you JPB Directory various accessible and powerful tools that help you easily compress your images. Squoosh If you are looking for a tool capable of compressing your images locally on your computer without any internet connection, we advise you to use Squoosh . The latter allows you, thanks to its drag and drop function, to no longer search for the access path of the images to be compressd.

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