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Create sales standards How to create sales standards in Excel? That’s right, no way. Because Excel is a program for working with numerical data. In contrast to spreadsheets, a CRM system contains full-fldgd functionality for standardizing sales and employee training. Funnels and sales plans have a visual visualization. They are convenient to manage and simply control the progress of tasks – both for each employee individually, and for the entire department or company. 3. Automation of core business processes Excel offers some features that can be calld automation.

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For example, autocomplete cells, conditional formatting, and so on. But this is clearly not enough. All data must be enterd manually. If the client Special Trade Contractors Email List changes the phone number, it is easy to miss and not make changes to the database. On average, companies spend about 64% of their time on various organizational and service tasks that are not directly profitable. This is why business automation is so important. What does a CRM system offer to simplify the maintenance of a customer database and work with it.

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Automatic creation of customer cards. You can add all the information about a new client with one click. At the same time, the CRM JPB Directory system will store in the client database all the information that a person has indicatd in his Gmail or social network account. You can also set up automatic collection of applications from the site and mail in CRM. Finding and merging duplicates. It happens that the client first calls, and then writes to the email. When you manually manage your customer database, it’s easy to mistake him for two different people. The CRM system is able to calculate duplicates and merge them. Automatic completion of the history of negotiations.

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