When to Post on Your Business’s Social Networks

A boston based marketing and consulting firm conducted two surveys in august and september 2014, trying to glean more information about how consumers make purchasing decisions for small, inexpensive purchases (under $10) compared to large, high-priced items (over $1,000). The researchers also sought to highlight some differences between making online versus in-store purchases.

Fifty-four percent of those surveyed conducted When to Post on  research prior to making a large item purchase, while only 27 percent conducted research when considering a small purchase, including a third who were looking exclusively for coupons. Given that larger items require more investment and perform valuable tasks, it is not surprising that consumers put more time into researching them.

Those making large purchases also looked to different

Resources when making their decisions. For major purchases, third-party reviewers were the leading resource (39 percent), followed by knowing and trusting the brand (22 percent), advice from family and friends (19 percent) and advice from a salesperson (11 percent).

By contrast, knowing and trusting the brand was a far more important factor when making small purchases (35 percent), followed by third-party reviews (31 percent), advice from friends and family (16 percent) and other (7 percent).

An equal number of consumers made phonelist large purchases online (19 percent) compared to in-store (18 percent). The leading categories for online purchases When to Post on  were electronics (49 percent), followed by travel (21 percent) and other (12 percent). For in-store purchases, the major categories were electronics (36 percent), then home and living and other (17 percent).

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Many people working a desk job experience an afternoon slump

Something I am sure many of the people reading this can attest to. So in that down time – when people are getting up from the desk to stretch JPB Directory When to Post on  their legs or hang around the water cooler – would be a great time to post an interesting article or offer that is interesting to your customers. This afternoon lull is generally when people take a little time to check facebook and see what is new in the news feed.

For twitter posts, lunch is the time to strike. People are checking the twitter-verse to take in as much information as possible, because we all know how precious that hour can be. When tweeting, keep in mind that your audience has officially checked out after 3pm on friday so avoid posting important information friday through sunday.

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