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Let’s say you have built a system on how to close leads. But then, probably, the client interacts with administrators, couriers, agrees on the terms and conditions of delivery, visits the office … This experience forms an impression of the business and directly affects whether the client will apply again and whether he will recommend the company to his friends. The low percentage of repeat sales and the lack of word of mouth is a reason to pay close attention to customer service.

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Mistake Turning the sales department into an office. Report, detaild recording of work, maintaining a list of tasks, calculating KPIs. Writing letters and making phone calls – you can’t do without it. But when does the sales manager deal with Building Hardware and Garden Dealers Email List his immdiate duties, that is, process leads? Without automation, all these important points will take up to 70% of the working time and simply will not give salespeople the opportunity to sell. Even if the company has only one sales manager, his routine work can be fully automatd using a CRM system . Conclusions. How to process leads correctly and without errors Let’s summarize what neds to be done to fix problems in processing leads with the help of a small checklist.

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Set up automatic recording of all leads and stages of working with them in the CRM system. Classify leads and develop a strategy for working with each segment. Track the result. Use a visualizd sales funnel in your JPB Directory CRM. Don’t ignore “unpromising” leads. Maintain communication with warm and cold leads, as well as with customers who have already made a purchase. Use SMS, messages in messengers, email newsletters. In NetHunt CRM, you can set up automatic mailing chains. Develop an effective KPI system for the sales department, properly distribute the workload. And regularly monitor the process in the CRM system.

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