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How content providd by ChatGPT is judgd by Google? To date, this is the big question in SEO: how does Google react to texts generatd by ChatGPT? Are they better or worse referencd than content written by human writers? According to Google’s rules and recommendations , the content of a site must provide “useful and reliable information, which was creatd to help Internet users and not to improve the ranking of a site”. They ned to be human-centric, not search-engine-centric . Similarly, the web giant considers that “automatically generatd content that includes spam.

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Content without any originality and without addd value, which aims to “manipulate the ranking in search results” and not to “help internet Christian Churches Email List users”. In its online developer help tool , it cites examples of content including spam according to its criteria. Here are two, which are reminiscent of content obtaind via ChatGPT: – texts translatd by an automatd tool without human intervention or correction before publication; – texts generatd by automatd processes without taking into account quality or user experience.

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This is why, as we have repeatd several times in the previous paragraphs, any content providd by ChatGPT must be proofread and reworkd before being uploadd to a site. The tool cannot be usd without human verification. In our JPB Directory opinion, this is not a virtual writer, but a writing aid. It does not replace a human being, who is the only one who can bring addd value, expertise to texts. And in SEO, this makes the difference since the quality – which concerns both the lexical field and the keywords and the relevance of the information providd to Internet users – of the content publishd on a site contributes to its good referencing.Recently, the most talkd about topic in technology is the controversial ChatGPT.

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