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Finally, the drugs sold must be offerd at a lower price than in the pharmacy and the presentation of the products on the website must be “objective, clear and not misleading”. Even if the progress in the legislation which weighs on French pharmacies is a big step for the trade, the fact remains that it remains at a disadvantage compard to European competitors . The path to reach the greatness of other pharmacies will be long. The use of paid referencing is still a first victory for French pharmacists, because it is important for a website to be correctly referencd in Google in order to attract customers.

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It is on Thursday, May 13, 2021 that Google and SpaceX announce their collaboration in the construction of a high-sped Internet network . The idea of ​​this association is to provide services and remote computing access to users of the Google Interior Designers Email List Cloud and the Internet. SpaceX, to infinity and beyond For those who missd an episode, SpaceX is a Californian company with astronautical activities , basd in Hawthorne, creatd in 2002 by the famous Elon Musk and currently employs nearly 9,500 people. Starlink, a major satellite Internet access project Starlink is an ambitious project that startd in 2015 and aims to revolutionize the way we think about satellite internet.

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This project is basd on the deployment of a constellation of several thousand telecommunications satellites, positiond in low Earth JPB Directory orbit. Starlink’s objective is therefore to allow anyone and anywhere on the planet to have access to a high-sped internet connection . Currently, the Starlink network comprises more than 1500 satellites. Cover planet Earth with a high-sped network According to the agreement between Google and SpaceX, Google Cloud data centers will host Starlink terminals around the world, with the aim of facilitating access to Google’s cloud and the Internet.

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