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Misconceptions about cloud CRM When you are going to entrust your business to a cloud-basd CRM system, fears and doubts are quite logical. Let’s try to dispel them. Myth 1. Cloud CRM is not secure, vulnerable The times when cloud solutions were not secure are long gone. The world is massively moving to work in cloud services. One of the reasons is that it is easier for a professional cloud program team to provide a high level of security than a single system administrator.

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In addition, the security of cloud services is much cheaper due to their scale. Myth 2. Cloud CRM is expensive to maintain Quite the Construction Email List opposite. The more popular a cloud-basd CRM system is, the cheaper it is to maintain. In practice, maintaining your own CRM turns out to be much more expensive and of lower quality. Myth 3. The subscription fee contains hidden fees To avoid hidden fees, it is enough to carefully read the terms of use of cloud CRM. You also ned to think over the requird functionality in advance so that it does not turn out that you will have to pay extra for some functions every month.

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Myth Data loss can happen in cloud CRM A supplier company, serving thousands of companies, can afford to store data on the latest JPB Directory reliable servers, ensure their uninterruptd operation and timely backup. When buying a “boxd” CRM, most companies either rent space on the same cloud servers or buy a home server, placing it somewhere in the office closet. In the latter case, data security is limitd only by the weight and dimensions of the server, since it can simply be taken out of the office in your hands. Myth 5. It is difficult to switch to cloud-basd CRM When it comes to the complexity of implementing CRM.

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