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Folders can be linkd to each other. After linking the “Deals” and “Clients” folders, for each deal, you will be able to see the corresponding entry from the “Customers” foldere which of the customers made the deal) and vice versa. For convenience, it is possible to filter records by one or more parameters of the folder fields. For example, you can display all deals with the “Bought” status assignd to one manager, all deals with new clients, and so on. Frequently usd selections can be savd.

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In addition to the individual internal structure, a big plus of NetHunt CRM is the ability to integrate a CRM system with more than 2000 services Stone, Clay, and Glass Manufacturers Email List through Zapier without involving a programmer. By creating a CRM structure, as if from the details of a designer, where almost everything is ditd and changd, you will achieve the most complete compliance with the company’s business processes. NetHunt technical support will help with the configuration if nedd.

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Integration of CRM with mail Why do companies that regularly use e-mail ned CRM? Integration of Gmail and CRM opens access to new features. View information and manage CRM directly in the mail interface; Creating contacts from JPB Directory mail in one click and saving correspondence in CRM with reference to the client and deal; Unlimitd bulk free emails from Gmail; Using letter templates; Advancd functions of letter labels; Email tracking; Setting tasks from mail. An important advantage of CRM NetHunt is that after integration, not only access to mail from CRM appears. The CRM system itself is built into the Gmail interface, so you can work in CRM without leaving your email. We talkd more about the possibilities of integrating NetHunt and Gmail in this article . These features make NetHunt one of the best email marketing CRMs.

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