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This is how great talents are born i e talks about another successful apprenticeship programminutes of reading. August Internships are not brewing coffee it s hard work that will pay off in the future. What you can learn in three months you will find out from the interview with Amelia Damian and Szymon stunts of Data. Analysis at the University of Lodz who are taking part in the internship program at DBMS Marta. When did you first come across DBMS Amelia My first encounter with DBMS. Was at the Let s talk about recruitment meeting which we organiz as part of our GADy Data Analysts Group research group.

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We invit four companies and DBMS was one of them After the meeting when we talk with representatives of the companies. The Presint Mr Tomasz Dziobiak said that he had some cool projects to implement and ask if we would be interest Grenada Email List in a summer internship. I thought why not and sent my resume Damian That s exactly what happen I cid to apply because I was looking for an internship for the next semester When this opportunity arose during the holidays I cid to take advantage of it Szymon I personally lik the fact that unlike the rest DBMS is not a large corporation.

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Startup implementing very interesting projects Almost everything was new to me but then I got better every day Marta Now that you ve been working for two months tell us what you ve learn with us during this time Damian Oh that s a lot I velop JPB Directory my programming skills in Python I learn to work with the nonrelational Elasticsearch database and before that I had only contact with relational databases I met Kibana I work with JSON documents I also learn what API is I us them and it is possible that I will learn how to write my own in the next part of the internship I collaborat with others on co on Github Amelia And I finitely learn to work on a task basis For each task.

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