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Was compild manually by the financial manager basd on information from the accounting system and sent to end users. The transition to the BI system made it possible to automate this process, to exclude the financial manager from it. Project result. Rducd all or part of manual operations in 15 functions of the main business processes. An opportunity has been obtaind to ensure business activities using remote work. The terms for preparing operational reports have been rducd. Significantly improvd accuracy of information in reports. As a result of process automation without prejudice to the core business, 4 positions were rducd.

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The functions of which were combind or automatd. The work of the financial service, the sales support department, the sales department Pharmacies Email List has been transferrd to a remote mode. Savings: payroll of 4 specialists,  rent for the vacatd premises,  rducd costs for maintaining the office – costs for consultants. If we consider these figures in a period of at least a year, then the savings will excd 600 thousand UAH. Thus, using the example of a completd project, I can offer you general recommendations for transferring a business to a remote mode of operation. What’s stopping you.

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Management’s unwillingness to lose control. Lack of electronic document management between the counterparty and the JPB Directory company.. A significant part of manual labor at the intersection of functions. The nd to sign documents. Who can be transferrd? Financial service. Administration. Sales department. Sales support department (statement, call center). How to control? Sales – CRM system, business processes 1C. Sales support – Business processes 1C. Financial service – Business processes 1C. How to provide information to management? Translation to BI . How to implement? Tasks for IT Set up remote administration Improve the accounting.

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