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In addition, Google has integratd Paypal with payment methods to facilitate transactions. Listings Google Shopping gratuits Google would like merchants to submit their optimizd product feds to Google Merchant Center. To encourage them to do so, the web giant has decidd to open up Google Shopping to free Google Shopping listings. This is a positive change for customers and advertisers who have already investd in building a fed. Even if the volume of this program is still minimal for the moment, it should be profitable for certain advertisers.

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Store sales basd on new features According to Google, since 2019, searches available locally (near where users are when they search) have increasd by more than 100%. This increase is accompanid by a promise to purchase from 66% of buyers Bulk SMS Cambodia at the level of local businesses. Google has therefore decidd to invest in local commerce with new features specific to in-store sales. These features are calld ‘take later’ and can be found in Local Inventory Ads. They concern products that are not in stock at the time of the request from Internet users. Thanks to this program, it is possible to specify their return date.

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Contactless withdrawal for Local Inventory Ads Consumers ned to feel secure when making purchases. With Local Inventory Ads, merchants JPB Directory can promote their products available online and for sale in stores. It is a good tool to increase sales, even if at the beginning the investment may seem important. For sellers already using this service, simply activate their badge and verify that they meet Google’s requirements for contactless withdrawal.To better face a possible antitrust lawsuit, the two Internet giants, Google and Facebook, would have agred on a secret advertising contract.

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