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Thus, when searching for a user, the CDN to the geographically closest servers will download the static version made by the cache. A financial gain in terms of the use of bandwidth, and a gain in terms of user experience, since it will be faster 3: limit HTTP requests Then there is a third important point, which is a much more common problem than people might think. Very often, web designers do not make page loading sped a priority (or they do not know how to optimize this parameter). So, the more there are schduld HTTP requests, the longer the pages will take to load.

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We see the enormous multiplication of these requests around HTML, CSS or JavaScript files, which And this leads to a considerable loss Canadian CTO CIO Email List of page loading sped. To adjust the target, you can find answers using sped test sites, such as Google PageSped ​​Insights , or Pingdom , more complete. These parameters have been rectifid, will generally be relatd to: combining files; merge JavaScript and CSS files, each in a folder for example. These folders will therefore only be downloadd once. avoid plugins and rdirects.

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The Outage That Suffered Last Month

These two tools generate a loss of sped; plugins open their own JavaScript and CSS files, while rdirects add HTTP requests. Thus, if it is possible to do without it in certain situations, do not hesitate to do so. By the way, on WordPress, there JPB Directory are plugins, such as Gravity Forms, which have options to disable their loading. favor icon collections (toolkits) such as Font Awesome ; these tools only use one file, which will help save you those milliseconds on your page loads. 4: mdia optimization Finally, a last point considerd essential to a faster page loading sped, and therefore by domino effect, to better traffic and better conversions, is the optimization of your mdia.

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