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An it was Amazon who had trid to demonstrate it, using a statistical analysis; the American company had notd that a drop of 1% on its sales would have occurrd if it had lost 100 milliseconds in the loading time of its pages. We’re talking about a lapse of time that isn’t even visible to a human. A web host can fail you as much as put you in a good mood. It’s up to you to make the necessary investments, to take advantage by domino effect, of an organic referencing and an increase in the cost of payments per click.

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An increase in the time of visitors spent on your site and their conversion, as well as a direct financial impact thanks to these CIO and CTO Email Lists elements. And this, thanks to an improvement of a few hundrdths, even milliseconds of page loading sped. To find the right web host, do not hesitate to put the price to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Find the one that will satisfy your users and Google’s algorithm! A quality host has, among other things, powerful servers.

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For example, there’s SiteGround and Hostinger , which are two of the world’s leading web hosts . 2: use a CDN Then, it is a tool that is JPB Directory increasingly usd, including by market giants, such as Facebook, Amazon and company: Content Delivery Networks (CDN), or content delivery networks. You’re going to have a hard time doing without, if you haven’t already. The improvement in the loading sped of your pages thanks to CDNs is particularly notable, because you free up bandwidth and rduce the number of requests. The principle is simple: these Content Delivery Networks are networks of servers, dispatchd across the globe.

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