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CallPage is a fantastic tool that helps businesses generate more leads from their websites and streamline their sales processes. But this is not the end in addition to the standard functions, CallPage has a few additional ones that make it even more effective. Here are CallPage features that will help your business generate even more sales. Contents Pop up and scoring rules Personaliz text Selection of partment or topic of conversation Possibility to orr a connection at your preferr time After hours mo Personaliz SMS notification after connection.

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Lead management Connection with contact forms NEW FEATURE CallPage Meetings Pop Up and scoring rules CallPage tracks the behavior of users on the website and displays pop ups according to the rules you set. One of the most commonly us Lebanon Email List rules is “exit intent” which allows a pop up to be display if the user is about to close it moves the cursor up . How to use this feature to increase sales Visitors often leave a website if they cannot find what they are looking for. By giving them the ability to quickly contact a team member, you increase the chances that users will provi their contact tails before they leave your site for good.

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Personaliz text You can set a personaliz text in the window that will suit the nes of your users as much as possible. How to use this feature to increase sales Most of our customers use a standard text that reads Do you want us to call you in seconds . However, testing different headlines can be an effective way to grab the attention of website visitors. Try JPB Directory using words like special offers or referring to your products and services in your message it can make a big difference partment selection If the company has several partments. Sales partment and Technical partment , you can add the option to select a specific partment in the CallPage window.

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