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Through this panel, the user has access to all the main functions of CRM, including records, tasks, user management, and others. Thanks to this, you can work with letters and CRM in one window, without wasting time switching between windows. All CRM features in a mailbox 2. Create CRM records in Gmail When CRM is integratd with Gmail, it is easy to save information from a letter in the CRM system without manually copying it by linking it to an existing record. You can also create a new entry in CRM from a Gmail email: for example, a customer or deal card.

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When creating a customer card, the letter will be savd in the CRM system. Thus, the entire history of correspondence for each record Holding and Investment Offices Email List will be collectd in CRM. Create CRM records in Gmail 3. View data from CRM to Gmail Emails linkd to records in CRM display information from CRM. A panel appears on the right, through which you can view the client card, deals, events and other details. This saves time because the information you ned is always at hand.

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View data from CRM in Gmail 4. Letter tags Another handy feature that makes managing your Gmail mail easier is email labels. Tags are JPB Directory configurd in the CRM system and display short key information for each record. For example, you can create labels that will show the stage of the transaction and/or the manager who leads the client, next to each incoming letter in the mail. With the help of tags, you can quickly navigate through the flow of letters and go to the desird record in CRM. Letter tags 5. Email tracking in Gmail Emails sent using NetHunt CRM contain a tracking pixel.

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