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Reels are very short videos of 15 seconds on average, made on Instagram to essentially express the creativity and audacity of its users. This format is available in a space entirely ddicatd to it on Explorer. Without real surprise, this new animation offerd by the application will come to compete with the number 1 of the short video currently: TikTok. Inded, with no less than 2 billion unique downloads recordd to date, the application explodes all records and continues to grow day by day. Instagram and other social networks are also seeing a drop in traffic on their platform, while the TikTok application has been able to turn to its advantage every month spent in confinement.

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A new fight for Instagram? Let’s take a look at some points on why it would be essential for you to use Instagram’s video format rather than Bulk SMS Services in Ghana that of its direct competitor in this area, TikTok. Examples of accounts that have already adoptd the Reels video format. Source:1. Same Features To keep as many users as possible on its platform, Instagram is developing its tool calld Reels. Same principle as that of the TikTok algorithm. It is, among other things, to use the short video format to entertain its community.

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The features also remain the same. Inded, the Reels allow the. Use of audio files, vocal effects or even tools that could not be more JPB Directory creative. These are mini videos to be made via the Instagram application. The format is designd to encourage interaction between content producers and their subscribers. 2. The little extras of Instagram’s new video format However, the Instagram social network did not hesitate to highlight certain points that differentiate its new video format from that of TikTok.

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