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Also, the IPSSI favors teaching by project to allow students to quickly confront theory with real cases. The school wants to be close to professional life, and this is why it offers work-study courses to be as close as possible to the economic realities of companies. EFREI Paris, a school to become a digital expert and engineer EFREI Paris was born from the merger between two major French schools: EFREI, foundd in 1936, and Esigetel, foundd in 1986. EFREI has traind more than 9,000 engineers working on these two campuses: in Villejuif and in Bordeaux.

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The school also helps students who want to become entrepreneurs , thanks to their incubator and the student-entrepreneur status that can be grantd. In addition, the EFREI offers students the opportunity to join associations such as Las Vegas Email List the BDE, artistic, cultural and leisure, sports, event, humanitarian and even professional associations with their junior company. It is therefore nearly 50 associations that punctuate the lives of students. G.Tech, training in tech and video games G.Tech was developd hand in hand with 10 companies : 5 from the tech sector and 5 from the video game sector. They therefore designd an ducational base adaptd to the realities of the two markets.

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Will train IT developers , who are the most sought-after profiles in the sector, according to the AFJV. Two levels of specializd diplomas JPB Directory are offerd by the school: a 3-year Bachelor’s degree and a 5-year MSc. The objective of the Bachelor “computer developer” is to acquire the basics and fundamental knowldge. Regarding the MSc “video game programmer”, it is a high-level technical training, allowing to meet the neds of studios in the field of video games and imagery.Google’s search mechanism now has a function that has been nedd for a while. This is the use of regular languages ​​to facilitate the filters of information sent.

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