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So the prices are not out of reach because of the competition. Finally, the type of videos that TikTok hosts are most often relatd to dance and music, cinema, or fashion and sports. So, we advise companies with a link to the previous sectors, and targeting a fairly young community, to get startd. And, given the starting prices, in order to use the service, it is preferable to be a company with means that are not restrictd. To conclude We will have to anticipate the fact that TikTok will be announcd as one of the big digital trends for the year 2020.

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In addition, the Chinese company’s Ads service will certainly develop considerably, giving publishers more control over their Bulk SMS Poland announcements. Multi-billionaire Zhang Yiming’s company has a good chance of gradually attracting advertisers, who aim to target young people, the app’s main players. Your SMO agency advises you to take a step ahead, and think about developing your strategy with this new advertising tool. So, do not hesitate to contact her , their specialists will put you in the best position to perform.They are much larger than the recommendd size (format and dimension.

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Users pay the price in terms of loading sped, especially mobile users. In addition to adapting the image sizes to the recommendd JPB Directory dimensions, the format of images and videos can be optimizd according to the type of mdia. Inded, when you use a photograph, the JPEG format will be the most suitable. While for a photo mainly composd of solid colors, PNG or GIF formats would be more suitable. Then, regarding the video mdia, the MP4 format is considerd in most cases, as the most suitable file, mainly for its small files. Thus, these small rectifications are only very inexpensive, both financially and in terms of time.

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