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Customer opinion research One of the biggest marketing problems is unrstanding your customers and their problems. Research is crucial in solving this problem, but it also helps you unrstand feelings and sentiments around your company and brand. Consir surveying some of your most loyal customers to learn more about them, as well as more about your own business. During these interviews, ask your customers about any annoyances they may have with online shopping in general. Only after asking this question, ask if they have experienc any problems or frictions while shopping at your store. Sometimes the simplest and most direct solution is the best.

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Just ask Do you want to find out if your customers are satisfi with the product and service Check out our article on how to calculate NPS . Tips to ruce cart abandonment Here are some easy yet effective ways to ruce cart abandonment on your ecommerce store. Quick contact when it comes to items of higher value Statistics show that a second load New Zealand Email Database time will still result in a bounce rate . This means we have a short attention span and even less patience However, when it comes to higher value items, users tend to be a bit more patient. Electronics, jewelry, custom products, and other items that are only purchas once every few years often have a user who wants to do some research before purchasing.

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Therefore, it pays to support these customers whenever they ne it. A tool like Callpage can be easily plac on a product page to help connect your support staff with a customer who is consiring a purchase on your website. The widget asks the user to enter their JPB Directory tails and CallPage automatically connects them to your team members in just seconds. UX simplification While the world of ecommerce is not always simple, the buying process should be well unrstood. Buyers add the product to the cart, complete their tails and pay.

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