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Today, the app has over two billion users. A public to which it would be appropriate to address. The particularity of this network is the proximity that is creatd between its users. Can you imagine as a brand succeding in being so close to your customers? The development of WhatsApp for Business The idea is simple. To enable professionals to use the application for their company’s communication, the designers had to adapt it to a more “corporate” context .

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Business catalogue An example of a business posting on WhatsApp for Business. To broadcast a message to a company’s directory, the Business version offers automatic sending of content without the ned for manual preselection. This can Plumbers Email List translate into ready-made answers to questions posd by individuals, such as messages indicating the professional’s temporary absence, or another type welcoming the new client who joins the professional’s network. For those among them who have it, this channel can also be ideal for sharing the newsletter, current promotions, new product releases. Unpublishd contests with many prizes to be won have been the subject of viral distribution to the public through WhatsApp.

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The main advantage being that WhatsApp is directly integratd into the customer’s phone. Result: your content will be twice as likely to be read. Some key examples of professionals who have adoptd WhatsApp in their sales strategy JPB Directory To inspire you, here are many examples which. By the figures recordd, will be able to prove to you the effectiveness of the WhatsApp network. Pringles with its famous “Pringles Campus” was a fine example of interactivity between a brand and its customers. Quizzes and challenges revolving around the marketing of the box: a very original way of recruiting the young creative profiles it nedd. You guessd it, one-year employment contracts were at stake here.

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