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Termining these issues as early as possible will significantly spe up. The velopment of such a website and facilitate cooperation with the veloper. Types of websites There are two types of websitesstatic and dynamic Both can be equally useful if us correctly. Here are the differences between them Static In the case of pages of this type. All content plac on it is sav in its co html file. Which means that the text visible on it will almost always be combin with the rest of the co. Any changes to the content post on it will therefore involve iting the html file,direct interference in the co.

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Operating such a website will therefore require at least basic knowlge of how websites work. This makes a website of this type worth using in situations where frequent. Updating of its content is not plannthe best example here will be websites Antigua and Barbuda Email lists presenting contact tails or the companys permanent offer dynamic. The vast majority of these will be CMSbas websites content management system,WordPress. Unlike static pages, dynamic sites are connect to databases possibly. JSON files or other information aggregation files containing all the content on them. With each visit, this content is download, and the page itself is creat on the fly.

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Changes are introduc using the aforemention CMS. Which does not require the contractor to directly interfere with the co of such a website. Using CMS iting is similar to using a regular text itor and is largely intuitive. This solution will therefore be ial for JPB Directory websites that require frequent addition of new content or modifications to those already plac on them and consisting of numerous subpagesit will therefore work well in the case ofblogs and online stores What affects the price of an individually sign website A website is not only what is visible on it.

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