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CEO and co-founder of NetHunt CRM, Andrey Petrik, spoke about the latest development: “The concept of automation is often associatd with complex solutions and lengthy configuration processes. In developing this functionality, our goal was to dispel this misconception and create a convenient, visually simple and efficient platform for the user – I believe that we have achievd this goal. No complex integrations; you don’t have to be a programmer. Our automation functionality is a simple constructor with an intuitive interface.

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In fact, all you ned is a good understanding of your business processes and a little creativity.” The latest release of NetHunt CRM includes Web forms , which help you get new leads on your site, automatically create a new contact Food Stores Email Lists in CRM and populate it with data. For example, lead name, email, lead company, lead source and any other data from the web form. Automatic chains of personalizd letters and mailings to engage, fuel and convert leads into customers.

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Automation of workflows that are launchd under various conditions: updating CRM data, certain actions of customers and managers. Automatic linking of letters , messages from chats and social networks to customer profiles in JPB Directory CRM. Algorithms for moving potential customers to the next stage of the sales funnel. Automatic creation of a specific set of tasks for the manager, depending on the stage to which the lead is moving. Automatic notifications when something important happens with a deal or lead: a big deal is made, a response is receivd from a contact, a lead has movd to a new stage, etc.A common problem: a CRM system has been selectd, paid for, set up, but ..The team refuses to maintain CRM.

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