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Until then, there are therefore no formal contracts regarding the rights to publish videos from Instagram, TikTok or Facebook on “Google Discover”. It could well be an innovation put in place by the web giant to ride the snack content trend. But one thing is certain: you can view these videos by staying on the search engine . In fact, if you click on a content, you are rdirectd to the site in question and not to the native application. A practical function for users who wish to return to the search engine at the end of the viewing.

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An integration that seems legal There is nothing illegal about embdding videos from TikTok and Instagram into Google’s carousel. Especially since this feature can be useful to develop its visibility on the web . The contents put forward SMS Gateway Iraq are in fact videos in confidentiality of public rank . Which allows everyone – including Google – to share them. Currently, Snapchat is the only social mdia that does not allow its users’ videos to be shard on other sites. As a reminder, in France, Facebook had around 27.5 million monthly active users in 2019. Especially since for several years, the social network has encouragd its users to associate a telephone number with their account.

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This serves as a means of identification and also makes it possible to recover the account in the event of forgetting the password . However, the JPB Directory most informd users know that the numbers are also usd by the social network to do business.. Moreover, targetd advertising is a system that relies, in part, on this data. However, this revelation risks tarnishing Facebook’s image because its users may no longer trust it to secure their personal data.

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