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All you ne is a good ia and you can quickly create an effective mailing creation and quickly liver it to thousands of recipients. However, remember to target your email campaign to the right audience. More recipients is not always better. You can create a mailing list yourself,by subscribing to the newsletter or use dicat systems,DMSalesit is a proven tool for generating quality leads and carrying out mailings. Measurability Once you’ve sent your campaign, you can check what recipients have done with your message. How many people open it, how many click on the CTA, what events they perform.

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After going to the page and whether they ma a purchase, which recipients interact, etc. You will receive information about unsubscribes and bounces. You Germany Email Database will find out on which vices your messages were open and from what location. Quantitative and qualitative data are available immiately after users take a specific action. Extensive reports will provi you with information on what you can improve when sending the next campaign and plan your email marketing strategy for the future. If something disturbing happens,the number of unsubscribes from the mailing list increases, you will be able to react quickly enough.

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Interactivity Sending emails, in contrast to traditional forms of advertising, allows the recipient to unrtake a specific interaction. They can click on the email, reply to it, go to your company’s website or move it to the trash. And you immiately know what the recipient did with your message. Individual mailing list If you have cid to create a list of recipients JPB Directory yourself,by building a list of subscribers, you can be sure that your email marketing will only reach recipients who are genuinely interest in your offer, who want to receive advertising messages and newsletters from you. In addition, your database is uniqueyour competitor will not obtain it. However, remember to obtain consent from your subscribers to process personal data and receive commercial offers.

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