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Relating to the website or the URL of a site page . Factors referring to the content of a page In SEO, content is an important ranking criterion for a site. Thus, it is hardly surprising to discover that, for Yandex, quality content improves the ranking of the whole site. The ranking being, on a given search, the position occupid by a site in the SERPs. It also pays attention to the age of content and its update date, and to the quantity of advertisements on a page (the more there are, the more they hinder the Internet user in his reading, his consultation of a page.

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Criteria relatd to URLs For the Russian search engine algorithm, the numbers in the URL of a page affect its positioning in the SERPs, as well Pastors Email List in The US as the number of trailing slashes (slashes). On the other hand, the high availability (or High Availability) of URLs is well considerd, which improves the user experience of Internet users and the presence of keywords (3 at most). Factors relatd to the behavior of Internet users Various criteria relating to user behavior are usd by the Yandex algorithm to rank pages in the SERPs.

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These include click-through rate (CTR), time spent on a page, bounce rate, number of visitors who return. To the same page in the same JPB Directory month. And the number of times a page is markd as a favorite. All the criteria that we have just mentiond are. Therefore (or have been since several of them are now obsolete) usd by the. Yandex search engine algorithm to determine the position of a site in the SERPs. However, it is interesting to know about them because it is very likely that some are also taken into account by Google.

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