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Make a plan of what nes to be done and only then do I start working Nor is it that the first version of something will be the final one At work you have to learn to like to learn and this is probably the most useful skill I have acquir Szymon I don t know where to start really I learn to use previously unus tools such as ElasticSearch or Google Analytics I saw how the organization of work in the company looks like i e using the Slack messenger or carrying out tasks from BaseCamp I also learn how to work in a team and above all what the work of a Data Analyst looks like Marta The thing about internships is that they are short and end quickly.

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Are you thinking about what s next Would you like to stay with us for longer Amelia Yes that s true. The internship ends at the end of September so it s time to go back to the university. If the schule allows I would like to combine work with Guatemala Email List studies. How to use this feature to increase sales More than of customers visit your website after office hours. With the after hours mo, you can collect your prospects contact information even when your team is out of the office. CallPage will connect the buyer when your team is back to work. What s more, minutes before the call, CallPage will send an SMS notification with information about the incoming call.

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Personaliz SMS notification after connection CallPage can also send an automatic SMS message to your caller after the call ends. How to use this feature to increase your sales Your business tails will remain on your potential customer s phone, meaning they JPB Directory can easily find you when they ci to buy your services or product. You can also use SMS to send a special message that encourages your potential customers to act faster, for example by sending them a limit time discount offer. Lead management In the CallPage Dashboard, you can use features such as notes, tags, filtering, and more to manage your leads.

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