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Anteed With the Wanteed extension, the discounts come your way. Be careful to spell it correctly! Technology at your service Wanteed works differently from other sites since it is an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It prides itself on testing promo codes almost instantly for the store you are surfing on and applying the best offer to your order. You then become a spectator facing the magic that operates. Once the parade of test codes is over, all you have to do is apply the chosen offer in your shopping cart.

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Of course, you have to trust the robot and the team that gives it grain to grind. It may still miss the code that would have been better Investors Email Lists for you. A network of partners for cashback offers Cashback is a system of retro-commissions, that is to say that the Internet user recovers earnings on his purchases. Wanteed has establishd partnerships with certain e-merchants to allow its users to benefit from bonuses when ordering from them. Your kitty increases over your purchases and these euros return to your bank account.

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To be combind with promo codes of course if there are any iGrail iGraal (M6 group) is a sort of all-in-one site since it combines promo JPB Directory codes, cashback and printable coupons. What is the difference between code and discount coupon? Do you order online? So you will use promo codes also calld discount codes. Do you buy in a supermarket or in a store? Print your discount coupons to present them at checkout. The site lists them for you with a choice by department or by brand. These are therefore two very complementary means of making your purchases while saving.

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