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Hours online each day on computers and hours on mobile vices data for Poland according to the Digital in report The fact that we are online for so many hours every day does not mean that we spend a lot of time browsing individual pages. The first seconds are the most important more or less you have time to convince the recipient to stay on your website. A potential customer is such a quick, distract hare he only pops into the website for a moment and it s very easy to spook him.

On the page we talk about the recipient

Error No mobile version of the site Surely you have encounter a situation more than once when, after entering a query in the Google search engine on your smartphone, you chose the first of the results obtain and you found. A page that looks Norway Email List terrible on the small screen of the phone everything is scatter and dispers. It even happens that the owners use Google AdWords ads to promote and generate traffic to such a site TIP ONE Your website must be mobile friendly. Error Inactive phone number callpage effective website. Webp Now imagine that you are still browsing the website on your smartphone.

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Ciding whether or not to stay on the page

You even cid to get over all the inconvenience of viewing it on mobile. You ve endur it all and you re trying to click on a phone number that… turns out to be inactive and nes to be manually rewritten Well, it takes nerves of steel to handle it. TIP TWO Remember to JPB Directory link the phone number on the website mobile. You will make it easier for a potential customer to contact your company. It is also worth offering the recipient various forms of contact telephone, email, chat. Good practice Linking the number allows you to automatically connect to the company using the phone, without having to copy the number, source eurobank.

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