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A wellbuilt CRM system therefore contains a set of tasks, tools and procures necessary in aling with customers. Currently, online systems are the most popular. Giving access from any vice and almost anywherethe only limitation is access to the Internet. An example of such a system is rone. Google Analytics and Data Studio. Google Analytics is a free tool for analyzing traffic statistics. And user behavior on websites The data obtain from it is divid intosegmentsrealtime reports, audience, acquisition, behavior and conversions.

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The first one gives information about the currently visiting userstheir number, location, sources of the visit and the content read. Reports from the Audience segment generates data about users from all sessions including. The duration of individual visits and the bounce rate. Including mographic and geographical dataon the Job Function Email Database basis of which you can termine the target group. Acquisition informs you about the sources of traffic on the site. Behavior segment reportsrelate to the behavior of users on a given pagehow they move around it, how long they stay on it and which content they visit most often. However, from the business point of view, the last segment.

Job Function Email Database

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Conversions will be the most important It allows, first of all, to termine the amount of revenue generat by the website. In addition, it allows you to monitor the number of phone calls, visits to the website or sent formspending on the goals select in JPB Directory the data view. How to use Google Analytics It is enough to place on a given page an appropriate tag generat by. Google Tag Manager or a plugin that uploads them automatically. Google Data Studio is also free and allows you to analyze and visualize data. With its help, you can create extensive, multipage, and at the same time clear reports that can be shar and it by various users.

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