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Then it turns out that the website does not make money at all, and its main goal is to attract customers Meanwhile, a website is a creation that not only nes to be adapt to the changing standards on the market, but it should be constantly improv, optimiz and eliminat errors. Start with the basics you ll find on our list. TIP ELEVEN Test, test and test your website A few words of summary Companies spend millions on online advertising to drive traffic to their website. However, they are losing potential customers because of the inconvenience they serve them on their websites.

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By improving your website you will meet the expectations of users, and thus you will earn more. Looking for a way to improve conversions from your website Contact us directly or orr a presentation and see how CallPage can improve the effectiveness Palestine Email List of your marketing and sales activities. How to calculate NPS min Wioleta Szybowska . . Are my customers satisfi with the product and service This question is often ask by business owners and managers. There are many methods of measuring customer satisfaction, one of the most commonly us is the NPS Net promoter score.

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In this article, we will introduce the term NPS, present the method of calculating the indicator and consir what NPS indicator is basically a good result. Contents What is the Net Promoter Score How to calculate the NPS indicator Why is it worth measuring the net JPB Directory promoter score The most common mistakes ma when measuring NPS What net promoter score is good NPS benchmarks by industry Other factors that affect the NPS indicator The most important conclusions What is Net promoter score In the simplest terms, NPS allows us to quantify the level of customer satisfaction. In contrast to extensive customer satisfaction surveys, a typical NPS contains only one question How likely.

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