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Along with the nes of the changing market, the competencies we expect from employees relat to sales are changing, which is well known to Marta, who at DBMS als with, among others, recruitment and selection of submitt applications for positions relat to sales and analytics on the Internet. Morn salesthree skills in one position Today, a person who would like to start working in a sales position faces completely different challenges than those that were a few years ago. Currently, the telephone itself and high communication skills are not enough to be successful in selling products, especially on the Internet.

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Today, the skills of navigating the Internet, analytical thinking and planning marketing strategies are combin, where, while the former, younger generations do not have major problems, the next ones are a matter of learning and gradually gaining experience. Why is it a good tool in the hands of Croatian Email List trars To answer this question, it is worth first of all realizing the popularity of applications such as messenger today. Only in Poland it is us by overmillion users, and aboutof them interact with bots. Bots enable, among other things, much faster and easier customer service and offer much greater opportunities via Internet.

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They also give the opportunity to finalize various types of purchase transactions from mobile vices, which additionally affects the increase in sales. In addition to using bots to communicate with our customers,via messenger, an important tool in the ecommerce industry is also the sending of JPB Directory advertising emails. The use of email accounts is still a priority for many Internet users, so this type of activity is still relevant to commerce in general. All activities in the work of a morn salesman are to lead primarily to increasing traffic on the website, the offer present by him, and thus gaining the highest possible conversion.

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