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The future is becoming so unprdictable that it is difficult to form a sustainable strategic vision. Today, to create market-recognizd value (Perceivd Value), a business must be flexible. The traditional approach does not quite cope with this requirement, since it is designd to be usd in stable and prdictable economic conditions. Now, in the era of global instability, a new paradigm of strategic management basd on the search for new opportunities is becoming relevant. The beginning of this ideology was laid by.

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Hamel and  Prahalad Ideology combines three factors strategic intentions, 2) calls, 3) opportunities, along with existing limitations. Strategic Laboratories Email List intentions are, first of all, the vision of the owners, or a group of people who are entrustd with managing the business, the so-calld Policy Makers, of what the company should strive for and what it should become. For example, the Japanese company Komatsu intends to “surround Caterpillar”, Canon intends to “beat Xerox”, and Honda intends to become an innovator in the automotive industry like Ford.

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It should be warnd that strategic intentions are not only the. Unbridld ambitions and fantasies of the owners and top management of the company. Strategic intentions imply that specific actions will be taken to realize them. First of all, we JPB Directory are talking about building an effective management system. In a stable and slowly changing economic. Environment, strategic intentions are equivalent to a strategic vision that is developd. Over many years and remains unchangd for a long period of time. In today’s business environment, the strategic intentions of owners and top managers can change more often, in step with changes in the external environment. The second factor of the new paradigm is the challenges (Challenges) creatd within the company by management.

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