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The solution to this problem may be a script that automatically checks the correctness and format of the enter data and immiately informs the user about the error. An alternative can also be double optin verification. This is a kind of checking if the email is correct in the case of newsletters. When a user cis to subscribe to the mailing list, I automatically receive a message with a link to confirm their intity. Thanks to this, we know that the person actually want to subscribe to our list. At the same time, we eliminate bots or spamtraps and we know that the email is good in terms of quality. How to check the quality of our data Thomas.

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Rman has velop a simple method that shows if we have a problem with the quality of data in the database. He call it Friday Afternoon Measurement and it consists of four simple steps Prepare a table withrecordsrecent orrs plac by customers and select only themost important attributes Cape Verde Email List columns. Ask a few people in your organization to help with the research. Then, record by record, circle the notic errors in a clear colormissing field, typo, wrong format. This should take aboutseconds per line. Summarize the results. Add a Perfect record column that contains two values ​​yes and no. Enter no if there is at least one color box in the row. In the example above, bas on a sample ofrecords,were correct.

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Assuming the previously mention assumption that each incorrect record generatestimes more costs than the correct record, we will perform the following calculation for the obtain result. To simplify the calculations, I assume that maintaining a correct record costs PLN Total cost of maintaining JPB Directory recordsx. This example shows that the retention of such records istimes higher than if the records werecorrect. I recommend analyzing the database in this way in orr to get a general outline of the situation we are in. If data is a key factor in the operation of our company, you should regularly check what part of it is to be thrown away.

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