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You can work with it in real time without sending documents. The database of customers and orders in CRM is automatd as much as possible. What other advantages of maintaining a database in CRM and how to transfer your database to a CRM system, read in this article. Content 6 Limitations of a Customer Database in Excel How to transfer the database to CRM The expansion of the customer base. Is it worth buying cold bases? 6 Limitations of a Customer Database in Excel Maintaining a customer database in Excel is the easiest option.

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Only at first glance. Let’s compare the features of maintaining a database of potential customers in CRM and Excel. 1. View the history of Heavy Construction Contractors Email List interaction with each client The customer database in Excel can include as much data as you are willing to fill in manually . In practice, you will save time and enter a minimum of information into the database in Excel. So in the best case, employees will be able to see the date of the last contact with the client. Maintaining a customer database in CRM is largely automatd. So you don’t have to choose between time and information. Set up the collection of the necessary data – and they will be stord in the CRM system on their own.

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You will have access to the full history of working with the client. Not only the dates of calls, but also the content of correspondence in JPB Directory Gmail, instant messengers and online chats. If you use IP telephony, you can set up access to call records through CRM. So complete and comprehensive information in the CRM database is available at any time and without any extra effort on your part. The same applies to the transfer of work: there is no ned to bring a new employee up to date on each order. It is enough to give him access to the CRM-base of clients.

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